The Budget

Hold your cursor over each slice of the budget pie to see details of the elements of each section of the home-building budget.

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Of course, realizing a dream means being able to afford it.

For Kevin, the cost ended up higher than he’d expected.  For any would-be home builder there are online tools that can help estimate how much it will cost to design and construct a new home.  But many small things can affect the overall price, including how expensive the little things are: like plumbing fixtures and countertops, and unexpected things like finding out the land you already bought is soft and yielding–or filled with slabs or granite.

The budget to build his dream house included everything except architect’s fees–and everything includes everything, down to cleaning up the worksite once the house is built.  Builder LH Meyers provided a preliminary estimate after the first complete house plans were drawn up to show approximately how much each part of the building process would cost.