First, you have to have a dream. For Kevin Nathanson, that part was easy; he'd wanted to build his own home since he was a young man imagining a cool place where he could keep a hot car and live in style. That dream evolved as his life did, becoming more complex and less about automobiles as he found fulfillment in his work and moved around the country. He met a woman who shared many of his other dreams and when their joint bank account reached a certain level he finally allowed himself to think he could make his dream real. It's never as easy as it seems, though, to realize a long-held dream. Having a dream, having the ability to make it real, and then finally MAKING it real seem like easy steps down a road to happiness...but the road is long and winding, and for Kevin and his wife it involved a cross-country move, three cats, many disappointments and lots and lots of meetings.